Qui suis-je?

img_82161-1philos is  derived from the Greek word for loving or  having affinity for

quotidian evolved from the Old French word quotidie which means each day

I’m Asibi Chanelia D and Philos quotidian is a home for my collective thoughts,a place in which I revel in the daily romance of living,because words have always been the most beautiful and effective means of illustrating my thinking.

I grew up between North West London and Lagos Island. I completed my formal education in Paris and then moved to America to forecast conflicts at several international NGOs.At the moment  I’ve left ‘saving the world’ to delve into my passion for the arts. I work at a creative agency and gallery that manages contemporary artists.

I’m quite disposed towards abstraction,because I believe that there is always something lingering but indefinite about beauty. There is rarely a thematic structure to my words,but I still hope that whoever is reading this finds at the very least a little charm 🙂

I quite like..smoked salmon,shoes by Ferragamo and C,almost empty art galleries,iced and hot lattes, anything written by George Orwell,documentary films,wine,poetry by E.E Cummings,fresh air,swimming,new cities, waking up solely to watch a sunrise and then the sweet luxury of getting back into bed…

all pictures are mine unless stated otherwise. Feel free to message me/comment in either english or french.

8 thoughts on “Qui suis-je?

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment. It certainly made me smile, especially because I always wonder if my varying interests come across as haphazard.


  1. Great meeting you at La Tasca in Chinatown! Very cool blog. Good luck with everything and I hope you like all our restaurant suggestions. Merry Christmas!

    -Mallory and the American gang


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