The books that I read (July-September) 2014



  1. Trains and Lovers – Alexander Mcall Smith
  2. My Salinger Year– Joanna Smith Rakoff
  3. The Opposite of Loneliness– Marina Keegan
  4. The Pursuit of Love-Nancy Mitford


  1. IT-Alexa Chung
  2. Gone Girl-Gillian Flynn
  3. Ugly Love– Colleen Hoover
  4. The Four Streets– Nadine Dorries
  5. This is How You Lose Her– Junot Diaz


  1. The One Plus One– Jojo Moyes
  2. The Bell Jar– Sylvia Plath
  3. What I Know For Sure – Oprah Winfrey
  4. Starter for 10– David Nicholls
  5. Love in A Cold Climate– Nancy Mitford
  6. The Girl You Left Behind– Jojo Moyes

I’ve been on a bit of a continent hop.And then I got sidetracked by bridesmaids duties(a dear old friend got married last weekend) and generally living,which is why I haven’t until now reflected on the books I spent the past 3 months reading.

I would say that all the books I read  are strong options(except Trains and Lovers and the very irritating Gone Girl).I felt much affinity for David Nicholls’ book,Starter for 10. I think this is in part because I read his book One Day the summer before I moved to Paris.That hot July,my mother had been admitted into the London Clinic on Harley Street for treatment and I remember reading the chunky book as I dug into a yummy dessert from the hospital’s kitchen(as mummy slept).His style of writing feels so comfy to me. Oprah’s new book reads as though you’re having a conversation that’s great for your soul and if you are to read a Nancy Mitford book,in all its society fickleness, The Pursuit of Love is so amusing.

ps.rather unsual,but I can’t take credit for the picture above,which I discovered on tumblr.I need to dig my camera out of one of 3 suitcases(not quite sure which) and put it to use once again.


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