Life and style

I’m convinced that Orrery Epicerie has the best summer luncheon on Marylebone High Street.From the chalkboard list,I picked the cold haddock and potato salad. It seemed the perfect thing to eat while basking in the begruding remnants of summertime.

P1110962How I needed this afternoon. I’ve been described recently as ‘glowing’ and yes I am 🙂 . I’m sporting clearer skin, an even clearer mind and a determination to live by the Nayiraah Wahid quote that goes- “I don’t pay attention to the world ending.It has ended for me many times and began again in the morning.”

P1110953 These days I drink almost equal amounts of coffee and tea- the bibliophile I am finds this quite romantic.I’ve become really fond of iced-lattes and it makes me feel like a pretend American.The simple things give life so much character, n’est- ce pas?

P1110999My light tweed blazer seemed fitting for summer’s departure. Underneath I’m wearing my Allsaints Marilla dress and an old red scarf from Gap. I love the Marilla because the luxe fabric moulds to the shape of my body,subtly celebrating my lines and form. Can you tell I’m getting all Picasso/Matisse and a dash of reading E.E. Cummings on you?

P1110995 I stopped at Daunt to pick up Alexa Chung’s book IT,then headed to Souli for a spot of Mariage Freres Marco Polo tea. Lucky for me,my favourite table was free and I alternated between people watching, sipping slowly and reading about Alexa’s style influences.To some degree I feel a sartorial kinship towards her.I don’t relate to anyone in popular culture or care to(to be honest)- but as a fellow delicately ankled Ferragamo wearing girlie , she is interesting.


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