An endless sum of things

P1110721I’m afraid that the cocktail pictured above(from an afternoon lounging poolside)is the only photographic evidence of my month in Lagos.On most days I would wake up at 6 in the morning and have the most delicious bowl of papaya,sprinkled with lemon juice(and a side of eggs) for breakfast. I wish all mornings had a fairly similar start,irrespective of my city. Besides a lot of exciting meetings, I enjoyed spending time with my two childhood friends.I feel as though they have both grown in the same direction,while I’ve found myself creating adventures as I go, defiant of any kind of cultural precedent.

P1110822Last week I saw Richard Linklater’s latest film Boyhood at the Everyman.In the opening scene, the 6 year old lead character is riding his bike around his neighbourhood,while Coldplay’s Yellow is playing. That scene was is so definitive of sweet nostalgia.It invoked thoughts of when my cousin taught me how to ride my bike at a similar age and also when my older sister Sara and I became obsessed with Coldplay as young teenagers. Linklater was so clever to create a film that is a visual imagery of time’s essence. I’ve fallen back in love with Coldplay’s old stuff,but have also discovered the Cape Town based band,Beatenberg. They have a pretty sweet song called Pluto that makes me incredibly happy.Just imagine if Passion Pit released a song with a  Soweto beat-that’s how insanely great they sound.

day 1Shortly after my return to London,I experienced a racial attack which I haven’t really spoken about,except with close family members.Besides losing my mother,it is the singular most horrible thing I have ever experienced.What made it worse is that I had no control over what went on and even the process of deciding whether or not to pursue legal action, makes me feel sick.I only started to feel better when I read Marina Keegan’s book The Opposite of Loneliness. Marina’s short life was rather incredible(she died in a car crash at 22) and reading her essays and stories felt like an unfolding-it created a distance between my emotions and what had occurred.I am now back to loving life and spending lazy evenings at cool new places. Opso(pictured above), is one of my favourite places right now. The restaurant’s concept of  creating Greek social food is darn fantastic and the largely wooden and brass interior of the establishment shows a luxurious attention to detail. Having tried a good deal of the menu with  Andreas(who is a co-founder),I would say that the cod fish,nestled in a squid ink bun with tomato jam is my favourite.I shall also be appearing in  pictures on the restaurant’s website in the near future, I believe :).

P1110815Still on the topic of food, lately I have been more inclined towards simple foods with a highbrow vibe and Souli nails this concept to the T. The gourmet shop seats about a dozen people and the most luxurious menu item is the world’s most coveted,Sant ‘Eustachio Roman coffee.I quite fancy the fig chutney in their sandwiches,as well as their unique pairings of freshly juiced fruits( think I had raspberry, apple and mint last week). Having these new spots dotted around my hood,makes working over late lunches relaxing and productive,as I work best in restaurants and coffee-shops.

P1110810P1110849Feeling an extra little burst of self-confidence these days,I’m not nonchalantly putting on my summer uniform of dungarees and instead I’ve been wearing a chambray skirt and linen shirts with little heeled sandals for lunch and supper dates. When I’m lugging my camera around(which is less often these days), my keyhole Sophie Hulme tote is my favoured accessory. I love the industrial/paper bag shape,accentuated by the strong gold hardware. The interior is made from a luscious suede leather that smells so delicious-so in sync with my style these days.

I suppose that’s all I wish to write at this point in time.It oddly feels like I have been holding a long breath and have let it out.


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