The books I read (April-June)




The books of the second quarter were a little lacklustre in comparison to most of the books that I had read in the first quarter.Falling slightly short of reading an ideal of 15 books(I read 14) is a reflection  in part of reading much longer books and others that were so heavy that I needed a breather once in a while.Having read a total of 30 books in the first half of the year,I have reached exactly half of my goal of 60 books.

For the average pieces of literature,I found some form of redemption when I walked into Daunt Books in Marylebone almost 3 weeks ago and discovered that my favourite art historian Alastair Sooke, had written a book on Matisse,in conjunction with the Tate’s current exhibition on the artist(which I had already seen).Isn’t the paperback stunning? I suspect that the design is an homage to the artist’s blue nudes.

From reading Chomsky,I’ve developed a lot of respect for him,akin to my adoration of Arundathi Roy. The Elegance of the Hedgehog is impeccably written and made me a little teary for us underdogs,who appreciate art and culture in quiet ways.I was astounded by the humility that comes with Murakami’s genuis,Mindy Kaling is so cool and smart and Matisse taught me that any day of our lives can suddenly feel like the very first-we are never too old to discover an enlightenment.

and I shall end with one of several bookmarked quotes,found through the course of my reading.

“Personally I think that grammar is a way to attain Beauty. When you speak, or read, or write, you can tell if you’ve spoken or read or written a fine sentence. You can recognise a well-tuned phrase or an elegant style. But when you are applying the rules of grammar skilfully, you ascend to another level of the beauty of language. When you use grammar you peel back the layers, to see how it is all put together, to see it quite naked, in a way.”- Muriel Barbery


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