P1100069P1100088P1100046Few things are more pleasurable than waking up after a good night’s sleep and peeping out of your window,only to discover a bed of white ice on top of everything. I hastily checked the federal website and discovered that it had been recommended that most of the city be shut down. So back to bed I went.

I woke again an hour later, and to the kitchen I went,to pile some grapes into a bowl and make a cup of mint tea, before climbing back into bed. I read my book, watched some videos on youtube, then dressed like an inflated balloon and headed out to explore Meridian Hill Park. My footwork was pretty impressive, for someone who is perpetually prone to little disasters. I only slipped once and luckily, our recycle guy was within close distance to catch me.

The park was beautiful.It was empty besides I and a crazy woman,who was jogging in the snow.I took a few pictures and headed back home. It isn’t even noon and I can still squeeze a lot into this day. Like watching the Banksy documentary, some yoga and also washing the stash of dishes that are hiding in my oven.


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