Life, kafe Leopold and cosy food!

A lot of things have happened since I last meaningfully blogged. I turned 26 and simultaneously developed a penchant for wearing cropped tops with leather skirts(don’t judge).I started reading this book that may not prematurely be my favourite read of the year. I discovered snapchat and really like sending random images to my friend Mathilde.Also, I finally made it to Kafe Leopold in Georgetown for brunch with my oh so fabulous little sissies, who happen to be visiting.


The Kafe is fantastically minimal in every way. From natural light streaming through the long windows, to the design of the bar stools,that reminded me of an arrangement of orange and white petals. I had the best pancakes of my life (so zesty, fluffy but light!) and learnt that their melange is the most perfect coffee based beverage I have ever drank! Now I understand why so many people have exclaimed about the quality of the food.


The sissies went with slightly healthier options than I did and even tried a croissant, which wasn’t a disappointment.I’m quite pleased to have them here and it was a lot like being back in St John’s Wood, our more loved of our two permanent homes.


We also had a good supper,but average drinks at The Heights.


2 thoughts on “Life, kafe Leopold and cosy food!

  1. Cibs! I’ve started a blog on WordPress (well, imported all my xanga blog rantings) and wrote a couple of new ones. Obvs just life rantings, but the blog is private but I’m sure I can accept followers… try! Hope you’re doing


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