Seeking inspiration

Here is a cheery oil painting I snapped at The Phillips Collection. I casually snapped it without paying much attention to the origins or inspiration behind it. The great thing about art ,like poetry, is that it has no singular truth. What I see when I look at the picture,are the layers of the earth. From the blue of the skies and the birds prancing around, to splotches of the brownish red soil on which we walk and from which the plants grow. I also see a deep green that could either be vegetation or the depths of a dark sea. Can you spot the little yellow fish at the bottom?

I’ve been feeling quite rough( a hybrid of my skin waging  a coup d’etat and  being jaded about life) but seeing the vivid hues and spotting the creatures dotted around the earth’s surface,a work by an artist that remains unknown to me, is somewhat comforting. I’m glad that it happened to be one of only 3 pictures that I snapped while at the museum last Friday.

As I search for inspiration to make my disposition a little lighter, here are a few things I’ve enjoyed reading lately.

This blog post by Meg Fee(like almost all her blog posts) literally sang to my heart. I had always imagined I would be further established in my life than I am now and for some reason, this thought has been nagging me lately. So I could relate to her post in many ways.

If you’re a book lover and admire George Orwell, then you will enjoy this insightful  Los Angeles Review of Books article on whether George Orwell would have chosen ebooks over lattes.

Have you ever been curious about what other authors thought of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s writing?

Malala continues to inspire.Her soul shines so translucently and reading this interview made me teary. She makes me feel less irritated with my current ‘saving the world’ career path.


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