The New Inn

Before looking  far and wide for great food, perhaps it is best to look for a place only a walking distance from your own kitchen. The New Inn is that neighbourly establishment for me.


On arrival, we sat outside,basking in the glorious weather,sharing jokes with fellow diners. We however decided we would enjoy our meal inside, as it had begun to get quite chilly and started with some chilli squid.


My date went for the bangers  and mash(boring!), while I opted for the catch of the day, which ended up being scallops with new potatoes, a sweet tomatoey sauce with perfectly glazed vegetables. For the record, it was divine. The problem with this is that, I shall have to call beforehand, to find out if their scallops are the catch of the day.


I was incredible stuffed afterward, so instead of having five or so homemade ice-cream flavours(yes, you can do this!), I went for vanilla and honeycomb. I could’t finish it all,as I am lactose intolerant, but it was a nice end of the meal.

*ps. it is also a boutique hotel with a few rooms available for short stays.


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