I believe these are the first tulips I have ever had in my living space(somehow to claim to ‘own’ flora that are so beautifully etched in earth and pruned by soil and nature’s dispositon ..seems inaccurate,as one can’t control their bloom and beauty). I really anticipate these pretty girls blooming,but I am enjoying their vibrancy nonetheless.

It is only Tuesday, yet I am remembering the weekend’s happenings with a fair dose of nostalgia.Each day flowed into the next,like it was a never-ending story that could be fairly titled, The Charming Adventures of a Girl in Her London Town.

We danced at The Wellington over cocktails, had a fair dose of desserts at Knightsbridge cafés(Gran Café being my favourite), snuck boba from boba jam, into the Curzon in Soho,where we slurped on our straws as noiselessly as possible, while watching the fantastic The Place Beyond The Pines. Sunset walks along Carnaby street and a mountain of dim sum at Ping Pong. Good weekend.



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