Another weekend


London has been giving us the illusion of spring. Bursts of afternoon sunshine that make me feel drunkenly joyous. It was so nice to be be almost bare-shoulderd today and whenever I notice what I call ‘my greek man side burns’, I laugh within myself.

We spent Friday night in South Kensington.Although I live in the same zone of London, I rarely venture to this part of the city. We had a disappointing Italian supper, but enjoyed gelato at Scoop afterwards. We ordered 5 different flavours,just because we could, but barely made it through a quarter of the lot.

Saturday afternoon was spent wandering around Earls Court with an old friend. We discovered a quaint Italian café called Bencho, where we enjoyed a few hours of conversation over veggie soups and the most delicious warm pesto and garlic baguettes. The soup wasn’t of the mind-blowing calibre of Sous le Porche, but it was a superb effort.

And flowers gifted,well they accompany any day on earth so nicely.

The highlight  of my weekend was phone conversations with my mummy. Funnily enough, I never quite realise, just how much I treasure our tête-à-têtes, until we say I love you before hanging up. Early on Saturday morning, she called to tell me that she had stayed up all night, reading the book I got her for Christmas, which she thoroughly enjoyed. 


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