I made it back to London just in time to witness the first day of snow. How charming,yet so bitterly cold. I am terribly glad to be here, but my mind still wanders to last week’s trip to Charleston,South Carolina and in particular Sullivan’s Island. Was it really a few days ago, that on a dark late eveing, my friend and I drove to the island? it almost feels like a dream.


I stood and stared at the sea and then we met a sweet old man,who was the only other person on the beach. He helped us sight a dolphin and showed us pictures on his phone of previous sunsets he had captured. I walked around and took pictures of anything I thought interesting.


I suggested we take off our shoes,so I took my boots off and squealed at the feeling of the cold icy water stinging my warm feet. We sat on a rock and watched the slight sunset.


How beautiful it was. The earlier rain had made the sea restless and the waves kept teasing us with little splashes. The splashes grew stronger and closer, until we were soaked and our flip flops were washed away by the strong tide.We searched for them to no avail. So we ran back to the car with wet clothes clinging to our bodies and numb sandy feet. It was little short of perfect.


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