I resolve to…


Last year was pretty amazing, a realisation I came to rather late. If I could change anything about last year, it would have been that I had appreciated specific moments more. To have been less anxious and worried and to be happy..or rather happier at certain moments in time.

I’ve spent the last week thinking of resolutions. The great thing about resolutions,(which meaningfully differ from goals)is that you hit a goal but keep a resolution. A goal is more specific and measurable, while resolving to do something is a continous effort, so if you are unsuccessful one day, there’s always tomorrow to try again.

Such perfect timing as my MacBook charger has given up on me(and I’m resisting the urge to growl!)

Some of my resolutions are:

When one loves,one does not calculate.
What would I do if I weren’t scared?.
Give up something important to me for lent.
Write something to be published.
Be involved in a charitable cause for which I am passionate.
Watch/ read the news daily.
Keep calm, carry on.


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