5 days in Los Angeles

I looked forward to this trip for so long that I cannot believe that I am currently waiting for the car to take me to the airport! It was certainly a much needed break and hanging out with my sisters is so healing and fun.Gosh,we are the best family ever!

Just a few instagrams,mostly from today, as a chunk of the last few days were spent at my aunt’s in the burbs.

  1. Brunch at Bottega Louie(also has the most gorgeous waiters in the whole of LA)
  2. The lights at the entrance of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  3. My sisters gorgeous apartment building in downtown LA
  4. Complimentary macarons at Bottega Louie
  5. My stylish little sisters
  6. The best Créme Brûlée I have ever had
  7. The drive from downtown LA to my aunt’s in Palmdale,as the sun was setting
  8. Leisurely morning at my aunts,with my iPad and fave choco in tow.

Can’t wait until I’m back in about 3 weeks for Christmas!


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