book review : life of pi

Many times I had wandered around bookshops and obviously seen Life of Pi, but assumed it was some modern glorified version of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book.How wrong I was.I bought this book on a whim on my kindle and was absolutely enraptured by it.

This book,is about a boy who falls in love with spirituality and religion and embraces various religions in the most beauteous ways.I particularly fell in love with a passage where he described how the islamic ritual of praying on a mat, gave him a mystic connection with God. For me, that mat symbolised a beauteous magic carpet that leads to the heart of God-something I had never even thought of, about a religion that I don’t even practice.

But the book really is hard to describe in a few words. In summary, it tells the tale of a spiritual boy, who survives 227 days on sea, after a shipwreck and in the company of a ferocious Bengal tiger called Richard Parker. If you are fascinated by animals and their relationships with humans, this is the perfect read, coupled with an incredible knowledge of seafaring and animals.

This is an incredibly intelligent book and although rather long, I ploughed through the pages without getting bored, but got more enraptured by the story of Piscine Patel, otherwise known as Pi.It makes a great case for faith and appreciates it in a way that no other popular fiction has.

ps.The film based on the book is coming out this fall and I believe Tobey Mcguire is starring in it.


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