morning at jardin du luxembourg

One of the best ways to enjoy one’s city, is to invite out of town friends over,who see the beauty of your city with fresh eyes.Indeed that is what has happened to me the past few days.Having lived in Paris for almost a year, I have seen more than the glitz and glamour of  the sun setting over la Tour Eiffel and the delicious smell of books at the Shakespeare and Company.I have seen real life and a whole lot of homeless people and dodgy neighbourhoods, that are beyond any tourist’s imagination.

But with my friends, I am reminded that although the city has its flaws, it is still incredibly beautiful and I’m lucky to live pretty much opposite le Panthéon and a few minutes from jardin du luxembourg.Thinking it would rain yesterday morning,I took my visiting friends for an impromptu walk and it was indeed a lovely and overcast morning.


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