the antique market

Soon after checking into our hotel,we went exploring.our hotel was about a 7 minutes walk to La Rambla,but before reaching there, we came across a little antique market. Of particular interest to us was a stall of a women, who was selling vintage jewellery and troves from the 1960s and 70s- or at least that’s what she said. Although I have no valid reason to not believe her and her pieces looked genuinely vintage,everyone knows that tourists tend to be bait,so there’s always a little shadow of a doubt,when all you have to lean on is word of mouth.

I was drawn to a coral bracelet she had at her stall and decided to get it as my little treasure trove,reminiscent of my first trip to Spain.It was a mere 12 euros and I think it looks lovely paired with my watch.Most importantly, I was impressed at how decently priced the pieces at the Barcelona markets were(including La Rambla).You can hardly compare them to Spitafields or Camden markets in London- which are incredibly overpriced even after haggling(yes,that’s the African in me! lol).

I just really loved that feeling of getting a little treasure from another corner of the world and with that ‘market-ty’ vibe as it was placed in a plastic bag with a newspaper print on it.


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