on books : Wonder

Sometimes it strikes me as odd that I manage to share a lot of the little deails I love about life, but neglect to share my biggest passion and love- which is literature. To write and to read the writings of others.

Having had a Kindle for just over a month, I can’t explain the excitement at being able to hear about a book and instantly have it in my grasp,especally for a much cheaper price than the retail value. So I’ve decided to start sharing brief reviews or at least mention the books I’ve read recetly that mostly stand out for their greatness.

So I was reading last month’s Company magazine, where an editor recommended  the book Wonder by R J Palacio. It sounded right up my alley, so I immediately read reviews online and purchased it from the Kindle store.

Wonder is about a 10 years old boy named August, who was born with a facial deformity.In the book August narrates(along with other pivotal characters) his transition from being home schooled by his mother,to attending regular school and the reaction of the world to his abnormal face. The torture and bullying he endures, his journey making friends and how the world judges one on apperance first,because August has an enchanting and hilariously funny personality.

Although this book moonlights as a young adult fiction read, it is clearly much more than that. Also, if you love good quotes- from musical lyrics to great philosophers, there are some pretty sweet ones in there. This book absolutely stole my heart and took me back to the basics of how to treat people and I’ve resolved to never use harsh words like ‘ugly’ to ever describe anyone’s appearance. I cried and laughed so much while reading Wonder and of the numerous books I’ve read this year, this is by far the one that stands out for its delicate themes, coupled with an impressive symbolic, yet modern writing style.

other great books I’ve read recently are

Pear Shaped (if you fancy a very realistic and non cheesy romance novel, which is very relatable)

Me Before You ( a mix of inspiration, debates on the right to life and hints of romance)..there’s also bound to be tears with this one!)

ps. If you stumble upon this and have read some mint books lately,pls do share. Merci!


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