too much rain

The rain is such a nuisance.Coming from London, I know to have a trusty brolley with me always,but when it rains in London, it does stop at some point. Here it pours and pours and pours some more.Sometimes it feels like it rains for days without end.Unfortunately my flimsy brolley,which I purchased for reasons other than convenience and suitability is broken.

So going out this afternoon, I fished at the bottom of my wardrobe for my Abercrombie and fitch hoodie,which rarely gets worn.Unfortunately it didn’t keep me too dry and on getting to my local starbucks,there was absolutely nowhere to seat,so I ordered a chai tee with soya to take back with me. After a few sips,enough rain droplets had fallen into my tea to make it a lukewarm coloured drink.

At a time like this,naturally I miss London a lot. The rain there has less of a gloom,in my opinion.

(picture found ages ago on weheartit)


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