Yup, just at first glance…I’ve totally got a tumblr crush on you. You go girl. ANYWAY, Hi, I’m Amanda! I’m a lady in my early 20s in Northern California, really nice to meet you.

Hi.I’m Asibi Chanelia.But everyone calls me Cibs or Chanelia. I was going to post a message to you yesterday, but was worried you’d think I’m a random stalker. I wanted to say that I adore your blog.Up my alley, especially when you wrote about your plants and I feel exactly the same way about my Orchids. I’ve been paranoid about who will water them when I head back to London for Christmas.

I’m 24 and Nigerian, but live between Nigeria and London. I moved from London to Paris, just to live I guess…and because it was always something I wanted to do, but was scared of.

Funny thing is that if I get my passport back on time,I’m off to San Francisco for Christmas! Do share randoms about yourself,feel like I’ve written a 100 pages long dissertation in reply to your message and thanks for liking my tumblr :). The feeling is mutual.


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