Hi there! We are new tumblr friends. I was just wondering–what brought you to Paris? Are you from the UK? I am always interested in people who move across country lines as that is something I want to do too!


I just saw your message and I’m terribly sorry I just got around to replying. Hope you didn’t send it ages ago! I love your tumblr by the way. I found it very unpretentious and with tons of personality. I’m Nigerian but live in the UK. So I guess I am, since it is home.

Well Paris.I had been battling bouts of depression because of my mother’s health.She had colon cancer, then a kidney transplant which failed and she now lives on dialysis.I guess I stopped living and needed to find myself and move to a city I was/am infatuated with. I had no idea about your kidney disease when I started following your blog, but I keep you in my prayers anyway.

About moving,DO IT.Life here feels like a dream.From people watching out of my window, to speaking a foreign language and getting better at it. Also, if you love to travel, read Alain De Botton’s The Art of Travel.It makes me want to move from country to country.Okay, this is really long.

From what I gathered..are you South African? Do share any randoms :).


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