a certain ‘chill’ to the weekend

This weekend has been lazy.

Well minus Thursday night when I went for drinks with a new friend and got a little drunk…and Friday night, when we bar/cafe hopped in the Odeon area and I also got a little drunk and we ended up at a bar where the hot waiters gave lapdances.ahhh. A good weekend.

But Saturday and Sunday have seen me become much too lazy to step outside of my little community.I went to fanprix for some greek yogurt and san pellegrino. I ate a lot and also cleaned a lot.

Today I had a movie date planned with a classmate, but it is very nice and sunny today and being cooped up in a cold,dark cinema isn’t my idea of fun. I am still somewhat infatuated with my Parisian living space and how the sun accentuates the brown shades and wooden floor of my studio apartment.

Right now,the heating is on, the windows are wide open.I’m still in the dress I slept in last night and instead of heading out for a film, my friend is coming over for an Ally McBeal marathon. 🙂

Guess I should make a salad or something.


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