Late lunch at Leon’s

Ever since I got this tiny space,I have been meaning to be a regular writer.However,I have ended up recapping only little pleasures in passing.But today is gorgEous and sunny.I wore my RayBan Jackie Oh’s.I can’t think of a better day to start writing properly.And It is International Women’s day too! Yay to us!

And because I had a coffee date yesterday and Oxbridge boy and I spent  way too much time talking about food and wanting to talk some more about food,that was enough incentive for me to finally head to Leon for a solo early supper.A quckie, before the rush hour crowds of city types crowd the restaurant.

Leon’s slogan is ‘NATURALLY FAST FOOD’..and natural it was,starting with some fresh back currant juice

While I waited for my food,I sat on a high stool,right next to a little RED post box with vintage inspired postcards,with pictures of a fittie I presume to be Leon(the founder?..should have asked).Customers can fill out postcards and have them sent out.(Will definitely do that next time).It reminded me of recieveing a mont blanc postcard sent by mont blanc for my mother, when she went to visit my sister in Paris last autumn.

On a random note,I wore a fairly old khaki miniskirt with a slouchy peachy top,over grey tights and with gold bangles that I bought in India 2 years ago. I thought it was all very spring worthy…without getting overly excited.

I thought of how nice it would be to sit and eat on one the the benches outside in a couple of weeks.

et viola! Roasted sweet potato falafels with lightly seasoned brown rice and coleslaw. It was oh so delicious. Only brown rice is served by the you are sort of coerced into eating healthy-but in a kinda good way.

After gobbling down my meal,I decided to walk around Spitafield’s market before it closed for the day.So I grabbed my oh so fresh juice and made it out the door.

Now I can pretend to my friends that I am not as much of a food snub as I seem,because I eat ‘fast food’.I also spent less than £10 on the meal.There were so many interesting things about the decor,but I thought it quite rude to take pictures over a stranger’s head.

Oh Leon,I will come back for you.I promise.


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